Marion ABEILHOU, Violist


Born in Albi, in the South of France , Marion Abeilhou begins studying the viola under the guidance of Grégoire Doye in the Conservatoire du Tarn. In 2009 she was accepted in the class of Domingo Mujica, principal violist in Orchestre du Capitole of Toulouse. Chamber music then becoming a major aspect of her life, she creates the Ensemble ArcoTerzetto, allowing her to perform many concerts involving her musician friends, as well as been taught by the members of Ludwig, Parisii and Manfred quartets.
In 2011 she enters the class of Isabelle Lequien in the Conservatory of Boulogne Billancourt
Since 2013 she is a student in the Académie Supérieure of Strasbourg, where she completed her Bachelor in viola and musicology in 2016 in the classe of Harold Hirtz (principal violist in the Philarmornic Orchestra of Strasbourg). In 2017 she received the State Diploma of Pedagogy.
In Strasbourg she meets young musicians with whom she shares her passion for chamber music and creates with them the Adastra Quartet.
Participating in various courses and master classes give her the oppurtunity to practise with great musicians like D.Gaillard, M. Szücs, M. Michalakakos, M-C. Wittekoer, J-C. Monciero and F. Gnéri.
Marion also performs with various ensembles such as the Ensemble Orchestral de Pays de Cocagne and the Opéra National du Rhin.

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